Ceremony Music Tips

Ceremony Music Tips: 9 Hints for a Seamless Experience

Ceremony Music TipsPlanning your ceremony music can be a bit daunting at times.

Here are 9 ceremony music tips to help you create a seamless experience for your guests:


Tip #1: Your older guests will usually arrive first. If your prelude music includes a mix of traditional and modern song choices, put more traditional pieces earlier in the playlist.

Tip #2: You might need extra time during your prelude, either because your guests start arriving very early or your start time runs really late. If that happens, just start the playlist over from the beginning. Most guests won’t have heard the first several songs anyway!

Tip #3: If you have live musicians, assign someone to keep them informed if your ceremony is running late. After 5-10 minutes they’ll start worrying that they missed a cue.


Tip #4: In a typical ceremony venue, it only takes about 20-30 seconds for one person to walk down the aisle. Plan the length of your processional songs accordingly.

Tip #5: It’s easy to double-check the length of your processional songs. Find out the length of your aisle, measure out the same distance at home, and time yourself walking at a normal speed.

Tip #6: Whether from excitement or nerves, just about everyone will walk faster during the ceremony than they did during the rehearsal!

Tip #7: Small children can get shy at the last minute. Add extra time to any songs that will be playing for them, in case they need a moment of encouragement.


Tip #8: Make sure your ceremony musician (or the person in charge of your playlists) knows what the last words spoken by your officiant will be, so they know exactly when to play the recessional song.

Tip #9: You’ll only hear the first couple of seconds of your recessional song. Be sure to start it at the most upbeat part!