Ceremony Music Options: Pro vs. Friendor vs. DIY

Ceremony Music OptionsFor your ceremony music, you can choose to hire one or more professional musicians, enlist musical family or friends to perform, or DIY the music with a playlist streamed over your sound system.

Each choice has pros and cons! Here are some to consider:


Option #1: Hire professional wedding musicians


  • Plenty of choices for instruments and genres
  • Can guide you through choosing music
  • Experienced dealing with issues like tricky processional timing
  • Will be calm and professional on the wedding day


  • Most expensive option
  • May need to be booked far in advance
  • Lack of personal connection with the performers

Option #2: Enlist musical family or friends


  • Inexpensive or free if offered as a wedding gift
  • Special personal connection to the performer


  • Performer is working rather than just enjoying the ceremony
  • May be nervous or stressed at performance time
  • May have limited song choices depending on experience level

Option #3: DIY with a playlist


  • Inexpensive or free
  • No limit on music genres or song choices
  • Know in advance exactly what the music will sound like


  • Requires sound system setup
  • A guest or helper must be assigned to cue songs
  • May be viewed as too informal by more traditional guests

Whichever option you choose, your wedding ceremony music will be a beautiful and meaningful part of your day!